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Collegiate Weekend - Swimming/Athletics

23rd Feb - 25th Feb 2018


WCS PFA Wine and Cheese

23rd Feb 2018


21st February 2018
The traditional match against HIBS ended in a draw. 1st Innings HIBS 179/10, H O'Leary 4/37 WCS 85/10, K...
15th February 2018
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Collegiate Connect - Wanganui Collegiate School
Collegiate Connect - Wanganui Collegiate School
Collegiate Connect - Wanganui Collegiate School
  • <p>2016 1st XV Rugby</p>

<p>Back Row (L-R) Zack Simpson, Opetini Dryden, James Davis, Hayden O'Leary</p>

<p>Middle Row (L-R) Luke Foster, Harry Symes, Camden Abernethy, Finn Cleary, Cody Hemi, Josefa Rokotokala, Bradley Sanson, Connor O'Leary, Matthew Simes</p>

<p>Front Row (L-R) Sam Beard, Tom Matthews, Patrick Parker, Josh Lennox, Harry Unsworth, Reuben Kellow, Angus Taylor, Joseph Hazelhurst</p>
  • <p>Chapel Choir 2003</p>

<p>Back Row: V R Herbert, C W Riddell, M J McGiven, J D M Hawton, J M Taylor, D S King</p>

<p>3rd Row: K H Kim, R N Bing, B Millican, J J N Elmslie, L J M Carter, G M Harrison-Ferguson, C Taylor, T Chen, P L Goodwin, L G Collier</p>

<p>2nd Row: L J Watson, H B P Gardner, N Isarankura, W D Brewer, E J Knight, S A Buchanan, P E McCaffrey, T C Simpson, B L Stegmann, A J Wallace, Y Suralertrungsri</p>

<p>Front Row: A R Shareef, J K Gordon, O Hayashi, R J Wells, E M Williams, S G Sherwood, Rev Evans, G N Riddell, MJA Contraras, B A Lewis, J A Seymour, I.S-Y Chan</p>
  • <p>Cricket 1963 1st XI<br />
Back Row: H V Brasted, B R Speedy, Mr H E B Newton, Mr T U Wells, R A Dermer, G M Reynolds</p>

<p>Middle Row: A W Hunt, G S McLeod, D M Crombie (Captain), D A C Pearce, J P S Hislop</p>

<p>Front Row: J G Ritchie, R N Wylie</p>
  • <p>Cross Country Team 1974</p>

<p>Back Row: Mr A McNab, C H Levin, R L McLean, A D Campion, S J Penwarden, P S Mason, G R French</p>

<p>Front Row: D J Sando, M B Wilson, C G Fallows, S D Barclay (capt), M J Franklin, J D Hale, R G W Austin</p>
  • Godwin Girls 1991
  • <p>Past Headmasters</p>

<p>Helen & Jonathon Hensman, Jenny & Ian McKinnon & Jackie & Trevor McKinlay</p>
  • <p>Hockey 1963 1st XI</p>

<p>Back Row: T C Cullwick, T T C Harris, J F Rogers, H A Coverdale, D C Canning, Mr Walker (Coach)</p>

<p>Front Row: H W White, D H Smith, C B Smith, J D Ritchie (Capt.) J R Dasent, H V Brasted, S R Chambers</p>

<p>Inset: J P S Hislop (VC)</p>
  • <p>Rowing 1923 1st VIII</p>

<p>Back Row: A Bremner, H Slipper</p>

<p>Front Row: G G Shirtcliffe, F B Ellingham, H D Blyth</p>

<p> </p>
  • <p>Rugby 1985 1st XV</p>

<p>Back Row: M W R Godfrey, J C Moffett, G W Cooper, M A V Keating, C M Potts, G R J Lennox</p>

<p>Middle Row: Mr P N Irvine, M M Strang, S H Drew, A C Mackintosh, G R Melville, D H Lithgow, S S Irvine, J K Bonner</p>

<p>Front Row: G M Lethbridge, M I Lockyer, C D Stiles, R J Strang, W G Rathbone, T D Wynne-Lewis, M P C Bertram</p>
  • Rugby, Rowing 1893 1st XV, Crew
  • <p>Shooting Team, 1908</p>

<p>Back Row: S T Gray, T C Higginson, G C Jackson</p>

<p>Front Row: S R Archer, J S Barker, J G Harcourt, T H Kinder</p>
  • <p>Hadfield House Hockey 2010</p>
  • <p>Hadfield House Supporters 2010</p>
  • <p>Harvey House Supporters 2010</p>

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